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Covered Bridge News from 2020

Welcome to the Covered Bridge news page. We get interesting local, national and sometimes international news items from time to time that we like to pass on.

There are so many options for sharing news available now that it would be impossible to bring it all. Different people seem to specialize on different covered bridge issues. Social media presents the ability to share news quickly.

So enjoy our news items and use social media to keep up on the latest news. We have a Facebook group called Vermont's Covered Bridges, a Twitter feed (@vtcoveredbridge) and an Instagram account (vermont_covered_bridges) that you might like to visit. There are also some recommended groups on the Facebook group for you to explore.

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2020.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Missouri Vandalism at the Union Covered Bridge 01/07/20
New York Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Resource Center - Book Sale 01/11/20
California Bridgeport CB Phase 1 - Stabilization Cradle 01/15/20
Ohio Hune Covered Bridge Closed 01/16/20
NSPCB 2021 NSPCB Calendar Photos 01/20/20
Wisconsin The Oldest Covered Bridge In Wisconsin Has Been Around Since 1876 01/20/20
Ontario, Canada New Horizons West Montrose CB Presentation 01/21/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge Restoration Delayed 01/22/20
Indiana Jackson Covered Bridge Damaged 01/23/20
Ohio Delaware County Covered Bridge Presentation 01/23/20
Pennsylvania Pleasantville Covered Bridge Saved by Headache Bars 01/23/20
Michigan Whites Covered Bridge Reconstruction Progress 01/26/20
North Carolina Bunker Hill Covered Bridge Lawsuit 01/26/20
Ohio Miami architecture faculty to help preserve bridge 01/27/20
Alabama Graffiti vandals target historic bridge in Blount County 01/28/20
Indiana Jackson Covered Bridge Damage Update 01/29/20
Pennsylvania Pleasantville Covered Bridge reopens in Oley Township 01/30/20
New York Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Resource Center - Book Sale: Another Box! 02/01/20
Ohio New Plans for Collapsed Knowlton CB 02/04/20
Indiana Cades Mill Bridge Nominated for National List 02/08/20
Pennsylvania South Perkasie Covered Bridge Project Website 02/10/20
Indiana Historic Covered Bridges in Gibson Co. to get Renovated 02/12/20
Massachusetts The timeless appeal of covered bridges 02/12/20
Pennsylvania Pinetown Covered Bridge, Lancaster County, PA 02/12/20
Georgia It’s happened again: Driver hits beam at historic covered bridge 02/18/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge History by a Fifth Grader and Friends 02/20/20
Indiana Spencerville CB Fund Raiser Announcement 02/23/20
Michigan A bridge reborn: Whites Bridge rebuild is approaching the finish line 02/27/20
Indiana Work to Finish Repairs on Irishman Bridge Nearing Completion 03/01/20
Michigan Whites Bridge Progress Video 03/01/20
California 2019 Bridgeport Covered Bridge Progress Summary 03/02/20
New Brunswick, Canada Two Injured In Covered Bridge Collision 03/04/20
Pennsylvania Perkasie Covered Bridge Fundraiser Meets Goal 03/04/20
Pennsylvania Restoration of Berks County 1869 Covered Bridge also Preserving Family History 03/09/20
Indiana Spencerville CB Fund Raiser Postponed 03/17/20
In Memoriam In Memoriam - Donna L. Freeland 04/05/20
Indiana Spencerville CB Named Indiana's Favorite Historic Resource! 04/06/20
Maryland Jericho Road Covered Bridge Closed for Maintenance 04/07/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge March 2020 Progress Video 04/09/20
New Hampshire A moment in local history: Village Bridge in Walpole 04/11/20
Vermont Frustration Over Miller’s Run Bridge Being Struck Again 04/14/20
Pennsylvania Somerset County covered bridge to close for repairs 04/15/20
New Hampshire Police: Saco River Bridge damaged by truck 04/21/20
Indiana Houck Covered Bridge Roof Needs Repairs 04/22/20
Pennsylvania 2 Covered Bridges to close for Maintenance in Upper Bucks 04/22/20
Alabama Alabama's Second Oldest Covered Bridge 04/23/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge April 2020 Progress Videos 04/25/20
Pennsylvania Sachs Covered Bridge Flooding 04/30/20
Indiana Historic Bridge Marketing Updates 05/05/20
Tennessee Elizabethton Covered Bridge Award from TDOT for Repairs 05/05/20
Vermont Vermont Covered Bridge Hiding in Plain Sight 05/06/20
Pennsylvania Historic Fairhope bridge reopens 05/07/20
Indiana Vigo County Parks Department Makes Progress on Projects 05/08/20
Quebec, Canada News from the North 05/09/20
New Hampshire Jackson Honeymoon Covered Bridge Damaged 05/11/20
Illinois Construction Continues on Red Covered Bridge 05/12/20
Indiana Covered Bridge Arsonist Found Insane 05/19/20
Kentucky Creek 'Raging' Under Covered Bridge After Northern Kentucky Rain 05/19/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge In Danger 05/26/20
New York Virtual Lecture Mid-Hudson Valley Region Covered Bridges 05/26/20
New York Hamden Covered Bridge Vandalism 05/27/20
Indiana Dinner on the Medora Bridge Canceled 05/29/20
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge Fundraiser - June 13, 2020 05/29/20
New York Covered Bridge Items for Sale 05/29/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge May 2020 Progress Video 06/01/20
Pennsylvania Dreibelbis CB Restoration Resumes 06/01/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge Press Release 06/02/20
Indiana Jackson Covered Bridge Damaged Again 06/04/20
Indiana Jackson Covered Bridge Opened Again 06/05/20
New York The Great Covered Bridges of the Mid-Hudson Region Webinar 06/07/20
Indiana A New Bridge to the Future 06/08/20
Illinois Watch the Long Grove Romantic Shelter Moved Back into Place 06/09/20
Indiana Covered Bridge Tour Cancelled 06/14/20
Vermont Bridges: Local Independent Film Harry Goldhagen 06/15/20
NSPCB Special Virtual Program by Bill Caswell 06/17/20
Vermont Morgan Covered Bridge Closed 06/18/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge - Graton Exploring Options 06/19/20
Massachusetts Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge Vote Postponed 06/21/20
Pennsylvania Academia Covered Bridge to be Featured on DIY Network 06/22/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge - Contract Approved 06/25/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge - Work Begins 06/30/20
Ohio Knowlton Covered Bridge Discussion Continues 06/30/20
Indiana The Medora Bridge Has Added Security Cameras 07/01/20
Ohio Otway Covered Bridge Video 07/01/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge - Phase One 07/02/20
New York Hamden Covered Bridge Video 07/05/20
Indiana Experience Whitewater Canal State Historic Site like never before 07/09/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge June 2020 Progress Video - Part 1 07/12/20
New Brunswick, Canada Visit the Covered Bridges of Kings County 07/12/20
Illinois Long Grove Romantic Shelter is Near Completion 07/15/20
Pennsylvania Sonestown Covered Bridge Repairs Get Green Light 07/15/20
Vermont New Manosh Romantic Shelter - Hyde Park 07/15/20
California New Honey Run CB Gets Financial Boost 07/17/20
Iowa Madison County Covered Bridge Festival Cancelled 07/17/20
Ohio Ashtabula Covered Bridge Festival Canceled 07/17/20
Pennsylvania Waterford Covered Bridge Repairs Expected in 2021 07/21/20
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Covered Bridge Wood Remains Salvaged 07/22/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge July 2020 Progress Video - Part 1 07/26/20
Pennsylvania Bells Mill Covered Bridge Saved from Fire 07/31/20
Vermont Morgan Covered Bridge Reopened 08/03/20
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge will receive $50,000 towards its rehabilitation. 08/06/20
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge Fund Raiser is a Success! 08/07/20
Indiana Bridge to the Future / Don Wolf CB Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 08/11/20
California New Honey Run CB Ready for Phase One 08/13/20
Illinois Long Grove Romantic Shelter is Back in Action 08/14/20
Illinois Long Grove Romantic Shelter Damaged Again 08/15/20
Indiana Parke County Covered Bridge Festival Canceled 08/18/20
New York New Kiosk Features Covered Bridges 08/18/20
Pennsylvania Bells Mill Covered Bridge Reopened 08/18/20
Vermont New Flashing Signs at Millers Run Bridge 08/18/20
Pennsylvania Dreibelbis Covered Bridge Restoration Complete 08/19/20
New York New York Artist Paints the Jay Covered Bridge 08/23/20
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge Update 08/25/20
Pennsylvania 10th Anniversary Covered Bridge Puzzles For Sale 08/31/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge August 2020 Progress Video 09/01/20
New Hampshire Saco River Covered Bridge Damaged Again 09/01/20
New Hampshire General Bolduc Bridge Dedicated 09/02/20
Pennsylvania Pine Valley Covered Bridge Reopens 09/03/20
Pennsylvania Dreibelbis Covered Bridge Project Video 09/04/20
Washington Colfax Covered Bridge Lost 09/09/20
Indiana Irishman Covered Bridge Reopens 09/18/20
Indiana Covered Bridge Crossing Awareness 09/22/20
California New Honey Run CB August Update 09/23/20
Maryland Roddy Road Covered Bridge Closed But Not Damaged 09/24/20
Georgia Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge Reopens 09/25/20
Oregon Goodpasture Covered Bridge Spared from Wildfires 09/25/20
Quebec, Canada Davy/Chemin Hamel Bridge Lost 09/26/20
New York Eagleville Covered Bridge - Temporary Closure 10/05/20
Ohio Union County Covered Bridge Drone Pictures 10/05/20
Vermont Renewed Interest in the Sanborn Covered Bridge 10/05/20
Iowa New Covered Bridge in Emmetsburg 10/06/20
Pennsylvania Hillsgrove Covered Bridge Fall Video 10/06/20
New York Perrine's Covered Bridge: Fiction & Fact by Ron Knapp 10/07/20
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge Open for Bids 10/11/20
Vermont Bennington Museum Covered Bridge Presentation 10/12/20
Illinois Thompson Mill Covered Bridge Vandalized 10/14/20
Vermont Moxley Covered Bridge VAOT Update 10/14/20
Vermont Warren Covered Bridge VAOT Update 10/14/20
Pennsylvania Witherspoon Covered Bridge Damaged 10/16/20
Indiana Darlington Covered Bridge Update 10/17/20
Florida Coral Springs Romantic Shelter Damaged, Move Considered 10/19/20
Vermont Kingsley Covered Bridge Damaged, Reopened 10/19/20
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge Bids Opened 10/27/20
Ohio Ashtabula Covered Bridge Fundraising Dinner 10/29/20
China New Covered Bridge Book: China's Covered Bridges - Architecture Over Water 10/30/20
Vermont Pulp Mill Covered Bridge Damaged 10/30/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge October 2020 Progress Video 10/31/20
California New Honey Run CB Phase 1 Almost Done 11/02/20
New Hampshire NH Chronicle Features Some of New Hampshires Covered Bridges 11/04/20
Tennessee Elizabethton Covered Bridge Vandalized for the Second Year in a Row 11/06/20
Vermont Scribner Covered Bridge Damage Update 11/07/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge October 2020 Progress Video: Part 2 11/08/20
Vermont West Dummerston Covered Bridge Damaged 11/12/20
Kentucky Grange City Covered Bridge November Update 11/20/20
Missouri Bicentennial Postage Stamp Featuring Burfordville Covered Bridge 11/23/20
Vermont New Covered Bridge for Snowmobiles 12/05/20
Indiana Irishman Covered Bridge Video with Greg McDuffee 12/08/20
In Memoriam In Memoriam - James Baughn 12/06/20
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge November 2020 Progress Video 12/13/20
New York Theodore Burr Video by WSKG 12/13/20
New Hampshire Blair Covered Bridge - Hit and Run Damage 12/17/20
Vermont Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge Repairs Scheduled 12/20/20
Vermont Southern Vermont College Sold - Fate of Covered Bridge Museum Unsure 12/25/20
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