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V.A.O.T. Historic Bridge Committee Proceedings

Historic Covered Bridge Committee Notes of August 4, 2003 for:


Present at Meeting:

Project engineer Rob Young provided an overview of the bridge and its current condition in both written and verbal forms. The ensuing notes are to be read in conjunction with the written overview provided at the meeting.

Overall, all were pleased with the current condition of the structure and the fact that we are able to move forward with a project at this time. No objections were raised with the scope of the project and the work proposed. It was requested that fire retardant and insecticides be considered. Ms. McCullough did state that the bridge could be closed while the rehabilitation work is underway; the town does request, however, that all work is completed prior to the start of the Tunbridge Fair. The project manager will be following up with an informational meeting with the town in the near future. We do not anticipate meeting again on this project; rather any future details will be finalized through the Section 106 process.

The efforts by the project engineers to provide comprehensive material for committee review were acknowledged and very much appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Scribner
Chair, Historic Covered Bridge Committee

[This article was originally posted August 14, 2003]