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Covered Bridge News from 2010

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2010. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
New Brunswick, Canada Vaughn Creek #1 Covered Bridge Damaged 01/05/10
New Brunswick, Canada Arrest Made in Adair/North Becaguimec Covered Bridge Arson 01/07/10
Michigan Whites Covered Bridge Damaged/Closed 01/11/10
Vermont Bartonsville Covered Bridge Gets Repairs 01/13/10
Ohio Construction To Start On Nation's Shortest Covered Bridge 01/14/10
Massachusetts Name the Restored Pepperell Covered Bridge 01/15/10
Vermont Rockingham Balks At Covered Bridge Fire Fee 01/17/10
New Hampshire Ice Damages Bath Covered Bridge 01/26/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Replacement Progress 01/29/10
Switzerland About Timber Bridge Decks 02/02/10
Austria A New Krumbach Covered Bridge 02/04/10
Oregon Sunny Valley Bridge Closed for Inspection 02/04/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Project Draws Special Attention 02/06/10
South Carolina Greenville County Upgrades Historic Covered Bridges 02/16/10
Georgia Elder's Mill Covered Bridge Possible Historical Park 02/17/10
Oregon Chambers Covered RR Bridge Failing 02/17/10
Pennsylvania Pine Grove Covered Bridge Damaged 03/10/10
Pennsylvania The Covered Bridges of Bedford County 03/28/10
Vermont Creamery Bridge By-pass Project Status 03/28/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 04/03/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 04/06/10
Pennsylvania Shaffer's Covered Bridge Closed 04/05/10
New Hampshire Dover's Foot Bridge Options 04/14/10
Wisconsin Cedarburg Covered Bridge Laser Measured 04/15/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 04/22/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 04/28/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 04/30/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 05/03/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Update 05/04/10
Indiana Medora Covered Bridge Getting a New Roof 05/08/10
Connecticut Brooklyn Celebrates a New Covered Bridge 05/15/10
Pennsylvania Bartram Covered Bridge Book 05/19/10
New Hampshire Mount Orne Covered Bridge is a Truck Magnet 05/27/10
Indiana Greetings from Moscow, Indiana 06/01/10
New Hampshire Town Hires Firm to Evaluate Damaged Mt. Orne Bridge 06/03/10
Kentucky Cabin Creek Covered Bridge Restoration to Resume 06/05/10
Ohio Stonelick Covered Bridge Closed Until 2012 06/10/10
Indiana Medora Covered Bridge Road Rally 06/14/10
Ohio Stonelick Covered Bridge Destruction Charge 06/18/10
Vermont West Dummerston Covered Bridge Gets LED Lights 07/01/10
Oregon Lane County Covered Bridges Get Grant for Improvement 07/07/10
New Brunswick, Canada New Covered Bridge Book 07/10/10
Bulgaria Bulgaria's Only Covered Bridge 07/20/10
Pennsylvania Union County Bridges Under Repair 07/29/10
Massachusetts Pepperell Covered Bridge Celebrated 09/10/10
Vermont Waitsfield's Village Covered Bridge Receives Funding 09/10/10
Ohio Hemlick Covered Bridge History Celebrated 09/13/10
Pennsylvania Hunsecker Mill Covered Bridge Damaged 09/17/10
Vermont Waitsfield Covered Bridge Sidewalk Issue 09/23/10
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge Reopens 09/27/10
Massachusetts Covered Bridge Installed at Governor's Academy 09/30/10
New Brunswick, Canada Stone Ridge Covered Bridge Arson Trial 10/07/10
Massachusetts What is it About Wooden Covered Bridges? 10/16/10
Massachusetts Hardwick-Ware Covered Bridge Reopened 10/16/10
Indiana Rushville's Newest Covered Bridge 10/22/10
Massachusetts Gilbertville Covered Bridge Reopened 10/25/10
New York New Romantic Shelter in Kanona 11/06/10
New York New Romantic Shelter in Fort Edward 11/07/10
Oregon Neglect and Damage to Covered Bridge 11/15/10
Alabama Clarkson Covered Bridge Renovation Planning 11/18/10
New Brunswick, Canada Teen on Probation for Arson of the Stone Ridge Covered Bridge 11/30/10
Oregon Goodpasture Covered Bridge to be Repaired 11/30/10
New Brunswick, Canada Man Goes to Jail for Arson of the Stone Ridge Covered Bridge 12/01/10
Oregon Yachats Covered Bridge to be Restored 12/08/10
Pennsylvania Keller's Covered Bridge Reopening This Week 12/12/10
Pennsylvania Lycoming to Preserve Covered Bridges 12/12/10
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