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Preservation Home Page

Welcome to the Preservation home page. As our agenda states, we are dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Vermont's remaining covered bridges. This section of the website is a collection of information relating to the preservation of Vermont's historic covered bridges.

  • VAOT:

    The VAOT section contains the Vermont Agency of Transportation involvement with the historic covered bridges in the state.

  • VCBS:

    This section includes information on registering a covered bridge, preservation, and Bridge-Watch activities.

  • Preservation Rules:

    The Preservation Rules section includes the Burlington Charter and an article on insecticides and fire retardants.

  • Rehabilitation Projects:

    Here is a collection of the covered bridges that have gone thru renovation, rehabilitation or restoration. The accounts include pictures and descriptions of the work listed by county. In some cases the descriptions are provided by the bridgewright that performed the work.

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