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V.A.O.T. Historic Bridge Committee Proceedings

Historic Covered Bridge Committee Notes of July 13, 2005 for:


  • Present at Meeting:
    • Committee members:
      • Mike Hedges
      • Warren Tripp
      • Eric Gilbertson
      • Nancy Boone
      • Bob McCullough
      • Pam Thurber
      • Sue Scribner
    • Also in attendance were:
      • Joe Nelson representing the Vermont Covered Bridge Society
      • Michael Canavan from The Federal Highway Administration
      • VTrans project manager John Weaver
  • Project manager John Weaver provided an overview of the bridge and its current condition using photos to assist in his presentation. Preliminary plans have been developed and were provided.

  • Roof System:

    It is the intent to salvage the existing standing seam roof where possible. Sections may need to be removed and then replaced to effect necessary repairs.

  • Truss System:

    Approximately 12 lattice sisters are proposed. As well, it is proposed that larger splice plates be instal1ed along the bottom chords four on the south truss and two on the north truss. Additional bracing is proposed for the top chord. The bridge currently has three existing exterior cross-bracing. It is proposed that two more be added to the three existing currently and that the bottom brace be increased in size from 8 x 8 to 8 x 10. There was general discussion as to whether it might be better instead to add additional internal bracing but. the general consensus was that the exterior bracing was a better option.

  • Floor System:

    Changes proposed to the floorbeams A new nail lam deck of the same dimensions as the existing is proposed. As well, curbing is proposed.

  • Substructure:

    There is evidence of scour although the abutments are not showing any signs of distress. It was proposed that the Town be asked to place fill around the abutments. There was concern expressed over this in that it was felt we should take this off as part of the project.

  • General:

    It is proposed that fire retardant and insecticide be applied both inside and out.

A motion was made to move forward with the superstructure details shown in the plans as provided by John Weaver with more details to follow on the substructure. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Scribner

Chair, Historic Covered Bridge Committee

[This article was originally posted August 17, 2005]

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