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Mail Bag Archives from 2003

Here is an index to the letters that came to us during 2003. Our thanks to Joe Nelson and others for responding to these items.

State/Country Mail Topics Date Posted
Mystery Mystery Bridge in Bronze 03/20/03
Ontario, Canada Ontario's Last Covered Bridge 03/25/03
Connecticut Hartford Toll Covered Bridge 03/26/03
Oregon An Oregon Bridge Tour 06/2003
Vermont Alfred Hitchcock's Bridge 06/13/03
Vermont/New York Chuck & Nancy Knapp Do Vermont...and a little of New York Too! 07/2003
Vermont Swanton Railroad Bridge 07/29/03
Vermont "Romantic Shelter" Lost near Chester, Vt. 08/25/03
Massachusetts Upper Sheffield Bridge Visited 09/01/03
New Hampshire Interest in Bridges Yields Covered Bridge Mailbox 11/2003
Massachusetts The Original Upper Sheffield Bridge Photographed 11/02/03
Vermont Treenails Wanted! 11/26/03
Vermont A Photo Trip to Vermont 12/2003
Bulgaria Bulgaria's Only Covered Bridge! 12/25/03
Pennsylvania Merry Christmas Everyone from Tom Walczak 12/25/03
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