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Many Romantic Shelters (as these bridges are called) have been built in the last Quarter century as entrances to businesses or developments or to create beauty spots in a yard or picnic area. Others provide a safe passage for the children to cross the stream between home and Grandma's house. Still others are put up for nostalgia - memories of the old wooden bridge by the swimming hole or "where I caught that big fish." Whatever the reason, these new covered bridges show an interest in preserving the memory of the old spans which all too soon may be forgotten. The efforts of the searchers of these bridges are to be commended. It is for YOU that the Guide of Romantic Shelters Is being put together. It is the first attempt to separate the new from the old and publish one just for you.

This is a guide for those who are seeking out the many newer, usually smaller, and non-authentic, but nevertheless very interesting covered bridges. These bridges, like those in the World Guide to Covered Bridges, are each given an identifying code:

Note: in the World Guide to Covered Bridges, each bridge is assigned a single or two-digit number.

Source: World Guide to Covered Bridges - Preface from 1989 Edition © National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges. Vermont section reprinted here with permission.

Click on a county on the Vermont map to begin the tour.

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