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Video clips and news on covered bridge damage due to Hurricane Irene

Compiled By Trish Kane E-Mail

This list has been condensed and revised to include only bridges that were damaged and what is known about them. It was compiled by Trish Kane with assistance from Covered Bridge Enthusiasts from PA, VT, NY, NH, MD and DOT's from PA and VT. Please note that we are not sure how long the links provided will remain active.

Revision History:

  • Posted August 29, 2011
  • Updated August 30, 2011
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  • Updated September 2, 2011
  • Updated September 6, 2011 - (Condensed to include only bridges that were damaged.)
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  • Updated October 3, 2011 - Current updates are in blue.

Please see the special announcement to all covered bridge enthusiasts at the end of this list.

Here is a link to an article from the NY Times well worth reading on our covered bridges and the devastation: Covered Bridges, Beloved Remnants of Another Era, Were Casualties, Too

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Franklin County

Pumping Station: MA-06-02 #2

The Pumping Station CB is still standing, but the abutment is leaning.

Videos: Greenfield Pumping Station dam and covered bridge hit by rising flood waters

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New Hampshire

Grafton County

Turkey Jim: NH-05-07

The Branch Brook ripped apart the campground and its bridges. The covered bridge washed down, into the road bridge and destroyed both crossings. There may be enough salvageable time to justify rebuilding the covered bridge.

Turkey Jim's CB after Irene

Blair: NH-05-09

A large tree that floated down the Pemigewasset River. One of its large branches caught in the opening of the truss and the force of the river pushed it up, through the bridge and through the roof. Luckily, the tree broke free from its destructive appendage and the branch was left, stuck in the bridge. There are a few broken truss members.

According to a newspaper article, the Blair Bridge will be repaired.!/media/set/?set=a.260466863973878.63638.100000316981085&type=1

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New York

There is a lot of information and photographs of the devastation in the Catskill Region on this website. You will need to scroll down through several pages but it is very informative (and very sad).

Delaware County

Tuscarora: NY-13-05

Substantial damage - folks are looking for names of individuals to repair it. Can any one assist?

Update - The only thing remaining of this bridge is the deck which has substantial dry rot at both ends.

Essex County

Jay: NY-16-01

Despite earlier reports in the papers, the Jay Covered Bridge is just fine per the Town Supervisor.

Otsego County

Hyde Hall: NY- 39-01

Water came to the very bottom of the bridge and a branch punctured the siding on the bridge. There are a couple of other small puncture areas but bridge is okay.

Schoharie County

Blenheim: NY-48-01

Schoharie County official declares state of emergency

There is a lot of information and photographs of the devastation in North Blenheim on this website. You will need to scroll down through several pages but it is very informative (and extremely sad).

Very nice video of Blenheim Covered Bridge 3 weeks ago by Kevin Sullivan.

Sullivan County

Halls Mills: NY-53-01

If something isn't done soon, we will lose this bridge. It has less than half of its stone abutment left. The trees that were within striking distance have been removed.

Ulster County

Forge: NY-56-02

Kingdon Gould, owner of this bridge, has stated that his bridge will be repaired. About 1/3 of the upstream sideboards are gone. There is a large tree through both sides and another through the roof.

Tappan: NY-56-03

Tappan only had slight sideboard damage but is still safe to drive on.

Mill Brook: NY-56-06

The bridge itself looks okay but there is a lot of scouring around the bridge itself. The historical marker is down. We are very lucky we still have this bridge! The concrete bridge next to the covered bridge stopped all the debris from hitting the Mill Brook bridge. There has been a lot of clean up near this bridge, but still a lot of erosion around the bridge itself.

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Carbon County

Little Gap: PA-13-01

High water pulled away some boards on the downstream side. There was a lot of debris buildup at the bridge but none caused any major damage to the bridge. The link below is an article that appeared in the about damage in Carbon County.

Lancaster County

Pinetown: PA-36-05

The Pinetown covered bridge bowed from the pressure of several feet of water. It also shifted on its piers and will have to be removed so it can be repaired. It could be a year at least until it's reopened.

Northumberland County

Rishel: PA-49-05 #2

Sideboards damaged, water reached about 6 feet up from the flooring.

Sullivan County

Hillsgrove: PA-57-02

The newly rebuilt Hillsgrove Covered Bridge has been considerably damaged. Side boards are pulled loose, a tree pierced the bridge and the approaches to the bridge have been washed away.

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Bennington County

Bridge on the Green (West Arlington): VT-02-01

Tree hits West Arlington Vt. covered bridge.

The bridge was struck by a log during the storm and it is unclear at this point whether or not it is structurally sound."

Rutland County

Giorgetti: VT-11-B#2

Completely Destroyed

Brown: VT-11-09

Some Damage

Windham County

Williamsville: VT-13-05 #2

Although this clip reports no damage to the actual bridge, there does seem to be some undermining of the abutments.

Hall(Osgood): VT-13-07 #2

Some damage

Worrall - VT-13-10

Some damage

Bartonsville: VT-13-11

Completely destroyed

A nice article on the Bartonsville Bridge:

UPDATE - Below is a link for an article about rebuilding Bartonsville Bridge (VT-13-11) and information about Worrall Bridge (VT-13-10) and Hall Bridge (VT-13-07 #2). Bartonsville Bridge was insured for $1 million. Anyone wishing to donate to the bridge rebuilding effort can find more information at:

Windsor County

Quechee: VT-14-A

The Quechee Bridge in Quechee Village is partially standing although the entire road and about a third of the bridge on the Quechee Village side were washed away.

R.I.P. Quechee Covered Bridge
Irene high water, Covered Bridge - Quechee/Hartford, VT 8-28-11

Bowers - VT-14-11

Damaged - Note link refers to this as the Best Bridge, but it is actually the Bowers Covered Bridge.

The south abutment toppled into the stream, bridge was swept away but failed to maneuver around the first bend and landed upright and nearly intact on top of a bank about 150 yards downstream. One portal frame is missing, a couple post-to-plate and knee brace connections failed, but it can definitely be repaired and moved back to where it belongs. The bridge conveniently landed in a clearing with easy access to the road heading back to the crossing. South abutment is a total loss, north abutment is still to be determined.
Vermont’s Bowers covered bridge washed away by Irene

Taftsville: VT-14-12

Damaged and closed. Taftsville's abutment foundations were seriously damaged by flood waters and moving debris. There are measureable wall fractures, movements/settlements, and the protective concrete skirts have been fractured and dislocated in several places. The bridge is presently closed to traffic.

Lincoln Bridge (Woodstock): VT-14-13


Damage to several bridges:

The following link references damages to the several covered bridges. They are as follows: Bartonsville, Quechee, Taftsville, Northfield Falls, Worrall, Kidder: It reports the Kidder Covered Bridge as being lost but we are not able to confirm this.

The following link references damages to the Hall (VT-13-07) & Worrall (VT-13-10) Covered Bridges being damaged, but still standing: Northern Windham County a 'mess' after Irene.

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