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Covered Bridge News from 2011

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2011. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Pennsylvania Rapps Dam Covered Bridge Under Construction 01/01/11
Indiana Ceylon Covered Bridge Gets Grant 01/03/11
Vermont Quinlan Covered Bridge Repair Options Studied 01/12/11
Ohio Harshaville Covered Bridge Restoration Funded 01/19/11
Vermont Cambridge Junction Covered Bridge Damaged 01/25/11
Pennsylvania Keller-Rettew's Mill Bridge Dedicated 01/27/11
Pennsylvania Hunsecker Road Covered Bridge Open 02/07/11
New Hampshire Cantebury Photographer Photographs New Hampshire's Bridges 02/21/11
New Hampshire Jackson Covered Bridge Closed 02/21/11
New Hampshire Mt. Orne Bridge Repairs Completed 02/24/11
Pennsylvania New Federal Regulations Add Cost To Covered Bridges 02/28/11
Delaware Ashland Covered Bridge Closed For Emergency Repairs 03/02/11
New Hampshire Jackson Covered Bridge Reopened To Traffic 03/03/11
United States Covered Bridges May Fall Prey to Cutbacks 03/10/11
Missouri Four Covered Bridges Serve As Refuges For Visitors 03/20/11
Pennsylvania Pleasantville Covered Bridge Closed 03/22/11
Maryland Jericho Covered Bridge To Be Overhauled 03/29/11
Georgia Concord Road Covered Bridge Struck By Car 04/02/11
Oregon Tour Oregon's Covered Bridges 04/17/11
New Jersey Last Covered Bridge Still Stands 04/22/11
Pennsylvania Lairdsville Covered Bridge Being Restored 04/24/11
Indiana Wallace Covered Bridge Righted After Storm 05/04/11
Quebec, Canada Preserving Quebec's Covered Bridges 05/07/11
Pennsylvania Little Gap Covered Bridge Hit and Run 06/10/11
Indiana Dunbar Covered Bridge Getting Federal Funds 06/25/11
Indiana Jackson Covered Bridge Damaged by Semi 06/28/11
Pennsylvania Seeking Help to Preserve Herr's Mill Covered Bridge 07/12/11
Pennsylvania New Metal Roofs on Covered Bridges 07/13/11
United States Information of Bridge Funding 07/13/11
Pennsylvania Replica to Replace Historic Schlichers Covered Bridge 07/15/11
Pennsylvania Herr's Mill Covered Bridge up for Removal 07/18/11
Indiana Another Semi Hits Jackson Covered Bridge 07/22/11
Indiana Indiana Covered Bridge "Loop" 07/27/11
Maryland Carroll County Farm Museum Gets WGN 09/13/11
Ohio Funds Raised to Help Build New Covered Bridge 09/13/11
Vermont Village Covered Bridge To Keep Sidewalks 09/23/11
New Hampshire Blair Covered Bridge Repair 10/03/11
Pennsylvania Siegrist Mill Covered Bridge Work Approved 10/05/11
Switzerland Swiss Timber Bridges website 10/05/11
Vermont Bartonsville Covered Bridge Repair Options 10/05/11
Indiana Larry Stout Receives Preservationist Award 10/06/11
California Bridgeport Covered Bridge Closed 10/17/11
Pennsylvania Replica to Replace Historic Schlichers Covered Bridge 10/18/11
Pennsylvania Siegrist Mill Covered Bridge Recovered from Creek 10/18/11
Indiana Moscow Covered Bridge to be Awarded 10/25/11
Kentucky Cabin Creek Covered Bridge Restoration Approved 10/25/11
Vermont Rockingham to Rebuild Bartonville Bridge 11/02/11
Vermont Hall & Bartonville Bridge Updates 11/03/11
Vermont Taftsville Bridge to be Dismantled 11/04/11
Quebec, Canada News From The North 11/07/11
Vermont Taftsville Covered Bridge "Unconstructed" 11/16/11
Pennsylvania Rapps Dam Covered Bridge Reopening 11/21/11
Ohio Charleton Mill Covered Bridge Closed 11/28/11
Tennessee Elizabethton Covered Bridge Renovation 11/29/11
Pennsylvania Covered Bridges Could be Raised 11/30/11
Oregon Chambers Covered RR Bridge Restoration 12/03/11
Vermont Scott Covered Bridge Inspection 12/06/11
Scotland World's Longest Recycled Bridge 12/07/11
Vermont Green River Covered Bridge Sign Stolen 12/27/11
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