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Burlington Charter for the Preservation of Historic Covered Bridges
Approved June 6, 2003
First National Best Practices Conference for Covered Bridges, Burlington, Vermont

Covered bridges are vitally important cultural, economic, educational, aesthetic, and historic resources. Although public support for preserving them is strong, many are vulnerable to the effects of deterioration due to neglect, limited funding, and limited knowledge of appropriate treatments. Consequently, their structural, material, and functional integrity is often at risk. This charter establishes the following goals for insuring the long term safeguarding of historic covered bridges.

To pursue covered bridge preservation, the VCBS and its members will:

Organize Bridge-watch Areas for the purpose of establishing a working relationship with the local municipal governments, historical societies and chambers of commerce to promote bridge maintenance, guard against vandalism; educate the public on the value of Vermont's historic bridges; promote tourism; and work with the VAOT Historic Bridge Program.