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Covered Bridge News from 2009

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2009. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Georgia About Georgia's Elder Mill Covered Bridge 01/01/09
Vermont Stowe, Vermont, Quaint New England Ghosts and Covered Bridges 01/01/09
Virginia Covered Bridge Society Donates Bridge Model 01/2009
Connecticut On the Connecticut 01/2009
Vermont About the Quinlin Covered Bridge 01/2009
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Covered Bridge Move Video 01/2009
Michigan Langley Covered Bridge Opened 01/02/09
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Covered Bridge Ruins to be Demolished 01/06/09
New York Beaverkill Covered Bridge Repairs Planned 01/15/09
Liechtenstein/Switzerland The Vaduz-Sevelen Rhine Bridge WGN L-01-03/S-15-08 01/16/09
Indiana Bell Ford Covered Bridge Move Stymied 01/21/09
Vermont Creamery Covered Bridge to Close 01/27/09
Oregon Larwood Covered Bridge Damaged, Reward Offered 01/27/09
New Brunswick, Canada Patric Owen Covered Bridge Damaged & Reopened 01/28/09
Oregon Chambers Covered Bridge Get Grant 01/28/09
Ohio A Smolen-Gulf Bridge Pictorial 02/01/09
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Bridge Arsonists Caught 02/04/09
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Bridge Replacement Years Away 02/04/09
Indiana Teens to be Charged in Deming Park Bridge Fire 02/10/09
Pennsylvania Wind Takes Roof Off Millmont Covered Bridge 02/13/09
New Brunswick, Canada Stone Ridge Bridge Site Examined For Replacement 02/13/09
Vermont Bartonsville Bridge to Close for Repairs 02/17/09
Delaware Delaware Besieged With Graffiti 02/17/09
Alabama - County to Restore Clarkson Covered Bridge 02/18/09
Kentucky Cabin Creek Covered Bridge Stabilization Going Forward 02/19/09
Ohio Graham Road Covered Bridge Story 02/22/09
New York Beaverkill Covered Bridge Future at Risk 03/12/09
Vermont Williamsville Covered Bridge Free For the Taking 03/15/09
Kentucky Cabin Creek Covered Bridge Gets Steel Support 03/22/09
Vermont Creamery Covered Bridge Bypass Approved 03/23/09
Vermont Historic Iron Bridge to Be Repaired 03/25/09
Vermont Marshfield Bridge to Return to River 03/27/09
Switzerland Aubr├╝ggli Bridge Arsoned 04/19/09
Vermont The Hermitage Road Covered Bridge 04/23/09
Vermont Williamsville Bridge Construction On Hold? 05/14/09
Massachusetts Bissell Covered Bridge Reopens 05/22/09
Pennsylvania Pomeroy-Academia CB Renovation Completed 05/25/09
North Carolina Will Henry Stevens Bridge Ribbon Cutting 06/04/09
Pennsylvania Academia/Pomeroy Covered Bridge Vandalized 06/18/09
Indiana Celebration Time in Moscow!! 06/29/09
South Carolina Historic Campbell Bridge Repaired 07/04/09
Pennsylvania Pleasantville Covered Bridge Closed After Truck Hits Bar 07/05/09
Pennsylvania Bells Mills Covered Bridge Damaged by Fire 07/07/09
Pennsylvania Bells Mills Covered Bridge Charred 07/07/09
Pennsylvania Oley Township CB Struck by Truck 07/07/09
Pennsylvania Man Pleads Guilty to Burning Gudgeonville Covered Bridge 07/08/09
Massachusetts Charlemont Finds its CB Too Good To Let Go 07/12/09
Connecticut Brooklyn Offered a Covered Bridge 07/17/09
Vermont Temporary Spans Debated for Pulp Mill Bridge repairs 07/30/09
Indiana Medora Covered Bridge Claimed the Longest in US 08/02/09
Ohio Residents Concerned About Stonelick Covered Bridge Rehab 08/05/09
Quebec, Canada Quebec's Powerscourt Covered Bridge Renovation 08/21/09
Austria Unlisted Austrian CB Gollner Bruecke Discovered 08/24/09
Indiana Colts Donate to Moscow Bridge Restoration Fund 08/31/09
Pennsylvania Emergency Repairs Needed For Shaffer/Bens Creek Bridge 09/11/09
Switzerland New Bridges in Switzerland 09/13/09
Pennsylvania Second Gudgeonville Bridge Arsonist Sentenced 09/17/09
Vermont Kingsbury Bridge Renovated 09/19/09
Pennsylvania Millmont-Glen Iron CB to be Renovated 10/01/09
Quebec, Canada Gareau Bridge Not Gone - Yet 10/05/09
Connecticut Brooklyn to Get Covered Bridge 10/10/09
New Brunswick, Canada Adair Bridge Burned 10/15/09
Ohio County Wants Input on Stonelick CB 10/20/09
Ohio Newton Falls CB Damaged by Doughnut Truck 10/22/09
Georgia Concord/Ruff Mill CB Proves to be Tight Fit 11/06/09
Ohio Newton Falls CB Down-rated 11/06/09
Pennsylvania Rosehill/Wenger Bridge Reopened 11/12/09
Ohio New Covered Bridge at Walnut Creek 11/13/09
Vermont West Dummerston Covered Bridge to Close 11/20/09
Indiana Moscow Bridge Rebuilders Receive White Pine Logs 12/04/09
Vermont Bartonsville Covered Bridge Gets New Signage 12/08/09
Pennsylvania Keller-Rettew's Mill Bridge to be Restored 12/16/09
Quebec, Canada Powerscourt Covered Bridge Saved by a Caring Community 12/18/09
Quebec, Canada Powerscourt Covered Bridge Restored 12/18/09
Connecticut Comstock Covered Bridge Slated for Rehab 12/28/09
Indiana Medora CB To Be Restored With Stimulus Funds 12/28/09
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