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Covered Bridge News from 2008

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2008. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Vermont Upper Falls Covered Bridge Reopens 01/26/08
Pennsylvania Mood's Covered Bridge Open! 01/31/08
New Hampshire Robert H. Durfee 2008 New Hampshire Engineer of the Year 02/09/08
New York Grant's Mills Bridge Restoration Celebrated 02/11/08
Pennsylvania Mood's Covered Bridge to Reopen 02/13/08
Switzerland Covered Bridge Over the River Aare Near Wangen 03/08/08
Vermont Cedar Swamp Bridge Renovation: A Pictorial 03/17/08
North Carolina New Hampshire's Graton & Associates in North Carolina 04/01/08
Switzerland M. Minder's Swiss Bridge Photo Collection 04/07/08
Vermont Pulp Mill Bridge at Middlebury Selectboard - April 7, 2008 04/23/08
Vermont Cedar Swamp Bridge Renovation: A Pictorial 04/22/08
Miscellaneous Dale Travis Guide to Covered Bridges 04/23/08
New York Theodore Burr CB Resource Center at Oxford Memorial Library 05/05/08
Indiana Moscow Bridge Lost to Tornado 06/05/08
Vermont North Troy's Covered Bridge Open 06/06/08
In Memoriam Richard Sanders Allen: Celebrated Covered Bridge Writer Passes 07/27/08
Indiana Tornado-Struck Moscow Bridge to be Rebuilt 08/08/08
New Hampshire Haverhill-Bath CB Dedication August 23, 2008 08/09/08
Massachusetts Restoration Planned for Gilbertville Bridge 08/18/08
New York State Dedicates Beaverkill Covered Bridge 08/20/08
Indiana Bell's Ford Bridge To Have New Home 08/21/08
Ohio Nation's Longest Covered Bridge to be Dedicated 08/21/08
Ohio Ashtabula, Ohio, home to the Nations Longest CB 08/23/08
North Carolina The Former Bagley Bridge at the The Bascom 08/25/08
Maryland Visit Maryland's Utica Mills Covered Bridge 09/05/08
California Wawona Bridge 1957 Restoration Revisited 09/05/08
Indiana Park County Announces its Covered Bridge Festival 09/05/08
Indiana Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival Announced 09/05/08
Massachusetts Waterous Bridge Taken Down 09/12/08
Pennsylvania White Covered Bridge Renovation Underway 09/14/08
Pennsylvania West Paden Bridge Under Construction 09/17/08
Michigan Langley Covered Bridge in Restoration 09/18/08
Ohio Mill Branch Covered Bridge Dedication 09/28/08
Kentucky Cabin Creek Covered Bridge May Fail Before Restoration 09/29/08
Vermont Ancient Advertising in Covered Bridges 09/30/08
Georgia Elder's Mill Covered Bridge 10/01/08
Missouri Locust Creek Covered Bridge 10/01/08
Washington Grays River Covered Bridge 10/01/08
Iowa Iowa Road Trip 10/02/08
Oregon Drift Creek Covered Bridge 10/07/08
Michigan Langley Covered Bridge in Restoration on Schedule 10/08/08
Connecticut Bull's Covered Bridge 10/09/08
Oregon Welcome to the Covered Bridge Society of Oregon 10/10/08
New Brunswick, Canada Stone Ridge Bridge Destroyed by Fire 10/12/08
Switzerland Five Hundred-Sixty-Two Swiss Timber Bridges 10/23/08
Vietnam Japanese Covered Bridges in Vietnam 10/16/08
Vermont Williamsville Covered Bridge Planned Repairs Survive Budget Cuts 10/23/08
Ohio Gregg Covered Bridge Damaged by Too-tall Vehicle 10/24/08
Kentucky Johnson Creek Covered Bridge Restoration 10/25/08
Tennessee Port Royal CB Taken Down 10/27/08
Pennsylvania Ackly Covered Bridge 11/09/08
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Covered Bridge Burned 11/10/08
Pennsylvania Uhlerstown Covered Bridge To Open 11/10/08
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Covered Bridge to be Removed 11/11/08
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville Covered Bridge Arson Deplorable 11/12/08
Vermont Charlotte, VT Residents Oppose Paving at CBs 11/12/08
New York Perrine's Covered Bridge 11/12/08
Tennessee Port Royal Covered Bridge is Gone 11/14/08
Michigan Langley Covered Bridge Refurbishing Near Completion 11/15/08
New Brunswick, Canada Stone Ridge Bridge Will Not be Replaced 11/21/08
Kentucky Cabin Creek Covered Bridge to be Stabilized 11/22/08
Indiana Medora CB May Qualify for Stimulus Funding 12/02/08
Massachusetts Gilbertville Covered bridge Reconstruction Gets Go-ahead Vote 12/09/08
Massachusetts Gilbertville Covered Bridge to Reopen 12/10/08
Ontario, Canada Waterloo Region Singers Enjoy the Acoustics of Ontario's Kissing Bridge 12/15/08
Ontario, Canada Residents Fight Gravel Pit Plans Near Kissing Bridge 12/15/08
Delaware History Meets Contemporary Standards for New Wooddale Bridge 12/16/08
Delaware Wooddale Covered Bridge Reconstruction Complete 12/17/08
Delaware Wooddale Covered Bridge Reopened 12/17/08
Pennsylvania Two charged in Gudgeonville Arson 12/17/08
Switzerland Cable-Stay Bridge Website 12/17/08
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville CB Burnt "For Fun" 12/18/08
Pennsylvania Gudgeonville CB Arson Part of Crime Spree 12/19/08
Pennsylvania 2nd Gudgeonville Bridge Arson Suspect Arraigned 12/20/08
New Hampshire Bath Village Covered Bridge Renovation to be Funded 12/22/08
New Hampshire $2.3 million to Renovate Bath, NH Covered Bridge 12/22/08
Indiana New Year's Party to Benefit Moscow Covered Bridge 12/24/08
Pennsylvania Gudgeon Bridge Beams to be Saved 12/25/08
Vermont Rockingham Bridges Damaged 12/30/08
New Brunswick, Canada Hartland Covered Bridge Spanning Ice 12/31/08
Tennessee The Last Covered Bridge in Sevier County 12/31/08
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