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Current Covered Bridge News

Welcome to the Covered Bridge news page. We get interesting local, national and sometimes international news items from time to time that we like to pass on.

There are so many options for sharing news available now that it would be impossible to bring it all. Different people seem to specialize on different covered bridge issues. Social media presents the ability to share news quickly.

So enjoy our news items and use social media to keep up on the latest news. We have a Facebook group called Vermont's Covered Bridges, a Twitter feed (@vtcoveredbridge) and an Instagram account (vermont_covered_bridges) that you might like to visit. There are also some recommended groups on the Facebook group for you to explore.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
California Bridgeport CB December 2020 Progress Video 01/02/21
New Brunswick, Canada Letter writing campaign to save the Vaughn Creek #1 Covered Bridge 01/09/21
Vermont New Covered Bridge Book by Eric Ribeck 01/15/21
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge - January Update 01/16/21
NSPCB NSPCB Members: 2022 Calendar Contest 01/23/21
Pennsylvania Covered Bridges of Lancaster County - Part 1 01/24/21
Miscellaneous The Covered Bridge Experience group now on 01/26/21
Pennsylvania Covered Bridges of Lancaster County - Part 2 01/28/21
Pennsylvania South Perkasie Covered Bridge Sign Has Been Found! 01/30/21
New Hampshire Blair Covered Bridge Closed for Repairs 02/01/21
Vermont Miller's Run Covered Bridge Damaged Again, and Again! 02/05/21
Vermont River Road Covered Bridge Lost 02/07/21
Vermont Rebuild River Road Covered Bridge Facebook Group 02/09/21
New Brunswick, Canada Vaughn Creek #1 Covered Bridge to be Replaced 02/11/21
California Bridgeport CB January 2021 Progress Video 02/28/21
Pennsylvania Keefer's Station Vandalism 03/01/21
California Bridgeport CB February 2021 Progress Video 03/03/21
Kentucky Mount Zion Covered Bridge Lost to Fire 03/10/21
Miscellaneous Covered Bridges Video - 1975 03/10/21
Kentucky Mount Zion Covered Bridge Drone Video 03/14/21
Ohio ODOT Funding provided fot Knowlton Covered Bridge 03/15/21
North Carolina Pisgah Covered Bridge Video Feature 03/18/21
Miscellaneous Arnold Graton Covered Bridge Projects Video 03/20/21
Indiana Cades Mill Covered Bridge Fundraiser 03/21/21
Oregon Douglas County Covered Bridge Drone Video 03/23/21
California Bridgeport CB March 2021 Progress Video 03/25/21
Vermont Kingsley Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Plans Approved 03/26/21
Indiana Covered Bridges of Parke County Video 03/28/21
Georgia Callaway Gardens Covered Bridge moving back to Original Location 03/31/21
New Hampshire Bement Covered Bridge To Go Back Over the Warner River 04/26/21
Pennsylvania See Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges Week: May 8 - 16, 2021 04/27/21
Indiana Medora Covered Bridge Dinner Scheduled 04/28/21
Miscellaneous Covered Bridge Patent Information Request 05/10/21
In Memoriam In Memoriam - Miriam Wood 05/23/21
Vermont Village Covered Bridge Damaged 05/28/21
Ohio OHBA Summer Picnic - Remembering Miriam Wood 06/03/21
Vermont Chiselville Covered Bridge Damaged 06/15/21
In Memoriam In Memoriam - Euclid D. Farnham 06/21/21
NSPCB NSPCB Meeting - July 25, 2021 07/11/21
Vermont Depot Covered Bridge Vandalised 07/12/21
Vermont Village Covered Bridge to be Repaired 07/17/21
Maine Watson Settlement Covered Bridge Destroyed 07/19/21
Missouri Bicentennial Postage Stamp Featuring Burfordville Covered Bridge - First Day Issue August 10, 2021 07/31/21
Vermont Chiselville Covered Bridge Repairs Completed 08/12/21
New Jersey Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge Storm Damage 09/12/21
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