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Covered Bridge News from 2007

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2007. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Indiana House Bill Seeks More Bridge Benefits 01/03/07
Austria More European CB Links From Gregor Wenda 01/07/07
New Hampshire Bath Bridge Reopened 01/08/07
New Hampshire Whittier Bridge Closed to Pedestrians 01/08/07
Pennsylvania Rockhill Supervisors Reiterate Support for Rebuilt Bridge 01/17/07
Indiana Official State of Indiana Website 01/19/07
Quebec, Canada Unknown Pony Bridge Found 01/20/07
New Hampshire Decision Nears on Cold River Bridge 01/25/07
Vermont CB Updates - Hoyle Tanner, Inc 01/25/07
Vermont Brattleboro's Creamery Bridge Reopened 03/07/07
Pennsylvania Perry County Covered Bridge Damaged 03/28/07
Maine Low's Bridge Destroyed, 1987, Story & Slides 03/31/07
Vermont What Bridge is This? 04/19/07
New York Rexleigh & Eagleville Breaking News 05/09/07
New York Ribbon Cutting Event to Open Three Restored Covered Bridges in Washington County, New York 05/25/07
Vermont Thetford's Sayre's Bridge Rehab 06/11/07
New York Oxford Bridge Feedback Wanted 06/12/07
Pennsylvania Springfield Township Moves to Protect Knecht's Bridge 06/26/07
Pennsylvania Blooming Glen Road May Become One-way at Moods Bridge 06/27/07
Pennsylvania State Legislator Wants Penalties Stiffened Historic Structure Arson 06/28/07
Vermont Fisher Railroad Covered Bridge Model Project Progressing 06/30/07
Germany Ockenauer Steg Covered Bridge 07/01/07
Delaware Wooddale CB to be Rebuilt 07/03/07
New York Jay Bridge Update 07/04/07
Pennsylvania Reconstruction of Mood Bridge to Begin in July 07/05/07
Vermont The Serenity of Vermont 07/06/07
New York Rexleigh-Eagleville Bridges Update 07/09/07
California More on the Wawona Covered Bridge 07/15/07
Austria Punbrugge in Eastern Tyrol 07/24/07
New York New York CB Reopening Celebration 08/04/07
Quebec, Canada Gareau Bridge Lost 08/06/07
Vermont Shoreham Railroad Covered Bridge Rehab Underway 08/19/07
Quebec, Canada "They Wanted A Bridge, So They Built One." 09/11/07
Oregon Gilky Covered Bridge Damaged by Truck 09/18/07
Pennsylvania Saucks Covered Bridge Hit By Vandals 09/20/07
Oregon Gilky Covered Bridge Damaged by Truck - Second Report 09/28/07
Pennsylvania Mood Bridge Fire Alerts Haycock 10/04/07
Vermont Cedar Swamp Bridge: A Pictorial Status Report 10/06/07
New York Jay Bridge Celebration in Photos 10/10/07
Vermont Thetford's Sayre's Bridge Open, but... 10/11/07
Pennsylvania Bucks County CB Society Founded 10/11/07
Pennsylvania Knecht's Bridge Burners Sentenced 11/14/07
Quebec, Canada The Coulée-Carrier Bridge Lost 11/16/07
Pennsylvania Mood's Bridge Construction Progress 11/22/07
Ohio Two Preble County, Ohio CB's to Close 12/06/07
Vermont Fisher Railroad Covered Bridge Model Project Completed 12/06/07
Delaware Ashland Covered Bridge Rehab Begun 12/07/07
Vermont Cedar Swamp Covered Bridge Renovation Update 12/19/07
Pennsylvania Funds Secured for Martins Mill CB Rehab 12/30/07
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