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Funds Secured for Martins Mill CB Rehab

[WGN PA-28-01]

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December 30, 2007 - Greetings to Our Bridging Friends:

TBCBSP member Joyce Soroka sent us this good news about the Martin’s Mill CB in Franklin County, PA; and, requested that we relay it to those of you on our “bridging friends” list. We are pleased to forward the news release below from

Shuster Secures $245,000 for the Rehabilitation of the Martins Mill Covered Bridge Washington, D.C. – Congressman Bill Shuster is pleased to announce that he successfully secured $245,000 in the Omnibus Appropriations Act to fund a project for the rehabilitation of the Martins Mill Covered Bridge in Franklin County.

"Pennsylvania is renowned for its collection of historic covered bridges and Franklin County is no exception,” Shuster said. “For 158 years the Martins Mill Covered Bridge has stood as a lasting link to our past and remains the largest lattice type covered bridge in the state. I am pleased to have secured the money necessary to keep this structure in top form for future generations."

The $245,000 will be used to rehabilitate the 200 foot bridge located in Antrim Township. The bridge was last rehabilitated in 1973, when it was damaged and carried downstream in the wake of Hurricane Agnes.

Happy Bridging,
Ben and June Evans

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