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Bridgeport Covered Bridge December 2020 Progress Video

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January 2, 2021: The Bridgeport Covered Bridge restoration progress.

Herb Lindberg details the December bridge progress:

Work this month focused on

  1. Completing scarfs (splices) in solid sections of the bottom chords and dry mating them to their bolsters for each end of the bridge,
  2. Milling daps in these sections to accept H-buckets (1/4-inch steel plates) to reinforce solid-section connections,
  3. Fabricating H-bucket assemblies for strengthening the four points of intersection (two near each end) between the chords and arches,
  4. Completing fabrication of the four replacement bolsters,
  5. Straightening the original wind brace tension rods for the framed buttresses at each end of the bridge,
  6. Cutting mortises and other joinery into the replacement buttress headers,
  7. Building a new direct-entry gate to the visitor entry end of the barn,
  8. Completing concrete encased rebar connections from the pile caps to stabilization deadman concrete at both North and South Abutments, and
  9. Removing stabilization tower cable anchors, and almost completing aggregate-based compacted backfill at both abutments.

Click below to watch the YouTube video titled: December Bridge Progress.

For more information about the Bridgeport Covered Bridge got to: South Yuba River Park Association website.

Our thanks to Will Truax for passing this information along in The Covered Bridge Experience Facebook group.

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