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Brooklyn Offered a Covered Bridge

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Brooklyn, CT, July 17, 2009 - Sigfridson Wood Products, based on Fitzgerald Road, has submitted a proposal to the town to replace the deck on the failing Fitzerald Road bridge with a laminated wood deck. The state had closed the bridge June 18 because of its condition.

Built in 1986, the bridge is 27 feet long and 15.6 feet wide. It crosses Blackwell Brook.

If selected, the company would be paid with town funds for to replacing the deck, but the company would like to add a timber-framed covered portion at its own expense.

Sigfridson said he never built a covered bridge before, but he has extensive experience constructing barns. He said he would like to place a cover over the bridge out of nostalgia and to bring a piece of New England heritage to Brooklyn. The Sigfridsons estimate they could replace the deck in four days and add the covered portion in another four, the frames being pre-assembled at the company's offices.

The town estimates it will cost between $36,000 and $72,000 to replace the bridge deck.

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