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The Butterfly Garden at the Quinlan Covered Bridge

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Joe Nelson recently received this information from Julia Parker-Dickerson of Charlotte, Vermont. Stop by the bridge if you happen to be in the area this fall. The plight of bees is very much in the science news these days. Julia maintains a blog which can be found here: J Garden Blog. Contact Julia for more information or to donate to this worthy cause.

Hello Mr. Nelson,

I live down the street from the Quinlan Bridge. This past year I (was) granted permission by the town of Charlotte to install a pollinator garden just over the bridge at the corner of Lewis Creek and Monkton Road. During the installation of the garden many folks have come by to check out the bridge and have, as a result of their interest in bridges, stopped by the garden. Please feel free to visit the homepage for this garden here or through the Town of Charlotte homepage.

I was wondering if the Covered Bridge Society would consider placing a link to the butterfly garden on the Quinlan Bridge informational homepage. I'm not a paid gardener, I'm simply a garden enthusiast and an elementary school teacher at Smilie Memorial School in Bolton. This project is born from concern about the environment, it is first and foremost a community effort to help local wildlife. We would like folks who visit our small corner of the world better respect and understand the amazing diversity of life that can be found on the Lewis Creek. The project serves to help pollinators and wildlife by getting folks to slow down, walk the area, reduce littering, and promote native plants.

Next year I'm hoping to host a plant donation and swap at the garden at the bridge. Neighbors and community members are expressing interest in this project as a way to create a network of pollinator ardens. My hope is to extend this project to the sister bridge on Roscoe Road and other open public sites in the area.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Warm regards,

Butterfly Garden - Quinlan Covered Bridge
Photo by Julie ©September 2019
Butterfly Garden - Quinlan Covered Bridge
Photo by Julie ©September 2019


Editors note: the bridge of the Roscoe Road is the Seguin Covered Bridge.

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