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Irene Barna Retires as VCBS Secretary

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After almost 20 years of service, Irene Barna is retiring from the position of Secretary of the Vermont Covered Bridge Society. Irene has a long history with the society that dates back to the beginnings. Her contributions over the years has been invaluable. New member Sarah Pierce has volunteered and been voted into the position of Secretary by the Board of Directors.

Joe Nelson has worked with Irene from the beginning. Here are some of his thoughts honoring Irene and her contributions to the VCBS:

Irene Barna, and the Gang of Six.

Who are the gang of six? They are the six stalwarts who, on February 2, 2000, founded the Vermont Covered Bridge Society: Irene and Ed Barna, William McKone, Joseph Nelson, and Terry and Jane Shaw.

Past Secretary Irene Barna is a star among that small group having over the years attended, recorded, and published something in the order of 36 annual meetings, all the while, guiding three successive society presidents; Joe Nelson, John Weaver, and Bill Carroll, in using Robert’s Rules. In the time between the annual meetings, Irene has taken on some the duties of the Events Committee in arranging meeting places, finding speakers, and assembling snack tables for the attendees.

In addition to her secretarial duties, Irene has been and hopefully will continue to be an ad hoc Bridge-watch Area Chairperson, monitoring the Pulp Mill Bridge, the Halpin, and the East Shoreham Railroad Bridge. She is especially interested in the restoration of the Salisbury/Cornwall Bridge lost to arson.

After almost 20 years of working with the Vermont Covered Bridge Society and its commitment to the preservation our covered bridges for our posterity, Irene has found it time to retire, her star still shinning bright.

Thank you, Irene

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We all echo Joe's sentiments and thank Irene for her dedication and service. Thanks again Irene!

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