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Covered / Historic Bridge Websites and Social Media Links

James Crouse - Revised January 17, 2020

Covered Spans of Yesteryear
Round Barns & Covered Bridges
Historic Bridge Foundation
The Covered Bridge Experience (more information below)
National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges
Pennsylvania has older information (eventually to be moved to new site)
Historic Bridges (other than covered bridges)

Additional Information:

  • Information provided 24 March 2014 by The Covered Bridge Experience:
    WELCOME to The Covered Bridge Experience. This group is intended for people to share their experiences, knowledge, information, news and of course, photos of Covered Bridges. It is a place to learn and inspire interest in preserving these treasures. Our collection of Covered Bridge albums is continuously growing, thanks to our members. These albums and posts are now cataloged on Google Docs. HERE IS A LINK TO OUR COVERED BRIDGE LISTS:…/1KYTg-rrz8lk7etoufq0v5a7MFb…/edit….
    If you want to share photos from your personal albums, please be sure to set the privacy settings to "public" (on your personal photo album) so everyone can enjoy seeing them. If you are uploading them directly to the group, they will automatically be set to public. If you have multiple photos of a CB, consider creating and album on the group, with the bridge name as the album name and I can link it to the lists of covered bridge albums. I can also link multiple photo posts but albums are preferred, when possible. It is also appreciated when you include as much information as possible (although we like a good mystery sometimes). Eventually, I would like to have as many cbs represented, on the lists here, as possible. Enjoy!! 😊
  • Information about Bridge Building including teaching resources, last revised October 2003:

Other Sites of Possible Intrest:

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