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Brubaker Covered Bridge Damaged by Tractor-Trailor

WGN 35-68-06

Google Map of Ohio with state seal


August 8, 2022 Anita Larkin Ford has passed along this information from the The Register-Herald website. Eddie Mowan Jr. is reporting that the Brubaker Covered Bridge has been significantly damaged.

The article headline reads "It can, and will be repaired".

The bridge was damaged on Friday, August 5 when the driver of a tractor-trailor attempted to cross the bridge as directed by his GPS.

At this time the bridge remains closed. Repairs may not be completed until late 2023.

Follow this link for the complete story: "It can, and will be repaired" - Historic Brubaker Bridge damaged by semi.

The Brubaker Covered bridge (35-68-06) was built in 1887 as a single-span Childs truss bridge to cross Sams Run in Gratis, Ohio. The bridge is 85 feet long.


Thanks to Anita Larkin-Ford for sharing this information with The Covered Bridge Experience Facebook group - Ed.


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