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Salomom Mills Non-traditional Bridge Available for rental

WGN 14-02-f

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August 13, 2022: James Crouse has made us aware of this item. James writes "Just thought it might be interesting to some of our CB friends that the new "romantic shelter" at Salomon Farm Park (Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation) is available as a rental venue. See the attached image of the page from the Department's fall 2022 issue of "Fun Times". There are photos on Dale Travis' site, which were provided (through yours truly) by the Director of Parks & Recreation."

Salomon Farm Park poster

The Salomon Farm Non-Traditional Bridge (WGN 14-02-f) is located in Washingtom Township in Allen County. The bridge was opened in August 2020. Here is a link to the article that was published on the Vermont Covered Bridge Society website at that time: A New Bridge to the Future / Don Wolf Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.


Our thanks to James Crouse for sharing this information with us. - Ed.

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