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The Pisgah Covered Bridge featured on the Tar Heel Traveler

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Google Map of North Carolina with state seal


March 18, 2021: Anita Larkin Ford has passed along this information from the website. The Tar Heel Traveler featured a video on the history, loss, and recovery of the Pisgah Covered Bridge in Randolph County, North Carolina.

The World Guide to Covered Bridges lists the bridge as a three-span stringer truss. It was built in c1910 and measures 51 feet in length. The bridge crosses the Upper Branch of the Little River in Ashboro. The bridge was washed downstream in 2003. It was rebuilt in 2004 using 90% of the timber salvaged from the original bridge.

For the video, go to: Pisgah Covered Bridge's history lost, recovered and covered.


Our thanks to Anita Larkin Ford for passing this information along in The Covered Bridge Experience Facebook group..

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