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Bridgeport Covered Bridge March 2021 Progress Video

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March 25, 2021: The Bridgeport Covered Bridge restoration progress.

Herb Lindberg details the March bridge progress:

Part 1:

This is a revised version of Part 1 to correct a few video preparation difficulties. When it is published the earlier version will be removed.

We begin with drone stills and fly-overs to show the status of construction at the end of February. March starts by completing replacement of the truss braces and counters into their bottom shoes and adjusting their top surfaces to be fit into replaced top shoes. Top shoes are put in place as the truss braces are adjusted so the top shoes are level in the cross bridge direction and follow bridge camber along the bridge. Cross bridge tie beams are set into the top shoes and top-chord planks are installed on the tie beams. By mid month top chord work extended from bridge end to end, with all tie beams and some cross braces installed. Wind braces are installed in the top corners from the tie beams to framed buttress posts. At ground level, the first two courses of aggregate-base fill are dumped, leveled and compacted on the North Portal abutments.

Click below to watch the YouTube video titled: March 2021 Bridge Progress Pt1a.

Part 2:

The main focus of work in March was on the bridge superstructure:

  1. Making and fitting the last of many replacement truss braces into their bottom and top wrought iron shoes,
  2. Mounting tie beams between laterally opposing top shoes,
  3. Assembling planks into top chords atop the tie beams, and
  4. Installing cross braces in daps cut into the second laminate in the top chord stack.

Work continued on backfilling atop the South Portal foundation with aggregate-base backfill, and a 12-bolt “arch bucket” was assembled to support one end of two wood arches being hand fabricated at another site. The arch bucked assembly was inserted into the rebar of a foundation pilaster, later to be cast in concrete with bolts protruding for arch support.

Click below to watch the YouTube video titled: March 2021 Bridge Progress Pt2.

For more information about the Bridgeport Covered Bridge got to: South Yuba River Park Association website.

Our thanks to Will Truax for passing this information along in The Covered Bridge Experience Facebook group.

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