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Sarah Pierce Elected New VCBS Secretary

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At this time we are pleased to announce that the Vermont Covered Bridge Society has a new Secretary: Sarah Pierce.

Sarah joined the VCBS recently and came with a desire to help, anyway that she could. Longtime secretary, Irene Barna, had been looking for a volunteer to fill her position for some time. After hearing of the need, Sarah volunteered for the job. Following a vote by the Board of Directors in May, Sarah was elected to fill the office of Secretary of the Vermont Covered Bridge Society.

Now, let's hear from Sarah herself:

I've always enjoyed covered bridges, but it wasn’t until I moved to Vermont that I found myself going out of my way to find as many as I could. Very quickly, I engaged in a new goal - to see every covered bridge in the United States, beginning with Vermont.

During one of my trips to the Covered Bridge Museum (Bennington, VT) I picked up the book "Covered Bridges Of Vermont¹" by Ed Barna. I began obsessively working out of this book, following the tour, taking polaroid photos of the bridges and paper clipping them into the book on their proper page.

Soon following, I acquired other covered bridge books for the surrounding states. I found myself following Facebook pages such as "Vermont’s Covered Bridges", and "Vermont Covered Bridge Society".

On April 6, 2019 - I attended my first Covered Bridge Society meeting. It was here that I met Irene Barna who noticed the book I was working out of and was pleased to inform me that her husband Ed had created this masterpiece that had been a key part to my favorite adventures. I was ecstatic! You can probably only imagine my excitement when Irene inquired about having me take over the secretary position for The Vermont Covered Bridge Society.

The opportunity to be involved is exhilarating and a dream come true. I am beyond honored to take on this position.

Irene Barna, after serving as the VCBS secretary since its beginnings, has decided to retire from that position. Irene will continue to be active with the VCBS. We look forward to her continued contributions. You can read more about Irene in the news article entitled "Irene Barna, VCBS Secretary, Retires".

Please join all of us here at the Vermont Covered Bridge Society in welcoming Sarah. We look forward to working with you. We wish you all the best as you serve in your new postion.


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Editor's Note: 1. Barna, E. (1996) Covered Bridges of Vermont. Woodstock, Vermont: The Countryman Press.

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