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Bell's Mill Covered Bridge Damaged
(WGN 38-65-01)

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January 24, 2019: The Bell's Mill Covered bridge sustained minor damage as a result of a hit and run incident. At this point it is not know who caused the accident. The road was closed while waiting for recommendations for repairs. Damage to the bridge appears to be "minor".

According the the World Guide for Covered Bridges the Bell's Mill or Sewickley Covered Bridge was built in 1850 and was designed with a Burr Arch truss. The bridge connects the townships of Sewickley and South Huntingdon in Westmoreland County and crosses the Sewwickley Creek. In 1988 the bridge went thru a complete rebuild.

Click on this link for the full story from the Trib Live: Historic Westmoreland County covered bridge damaged in hit-and-run.


Our thanks to James Crouse and Linda Burns for making us aware of this item.

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