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Metamora aqueduct is a top architectural site

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January 11, 2019: The Duck Creek Aquaduct (WGN 14-24-11) in Metamora, Indiana is being recognized as one of a number of "significant architectural buildings and sites in the state by the Indiana Architectural Foundation". It may be one of the only functioning aquaducts made of wood in the country.

According to the World Guide to Covered Bridges, the Aquaduct or Duck Creek Aquaduct was built in 1846. The aquaduct is 60 feet long and is constructed with a Burr Arch truss. The bridge makes its home in the Whitewater Canal State Historical Park.

Read the full account from the Connersville News Examiner here: Metamora aqueduct is a top architectural site


Editor's note: Thanks to James Crouse and Mindy Wollman at Indiana Landmarks for bringing this to our attention.

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