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Pinetown Road Covered Bridge Update

WGN 38-36-05

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September 15, 2013 Lancaster County, PA - The Pinetown Road covered bridge is currently undergoing some major repairs. When all the work is completed, some time in October, only the location will be original. The wood is 150 years old and no longer usable. During construction the abutments were found to be loose which required additional work to rebuild them. The construction cost of the original bridge was $4,500 in 1867. Today the cost to rebuild the bridge is $818,546.

The Pinetown bridge was most recently damaged by Hurricane Lee in 2011. Reconstruction work began this past March with a summer 2013 completion date. The completion date has been moved to October due to the discovery of additional damage.

The following web link contains the full article about the Pinetown Road Covered Bridge progress: Pinetown Road Covered Bridge Update.

[Our thanks to James Crouse & Jim Smedley for sharing the story - Ed.]

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