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Brookwood Covered Bridge Saved, For Now

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December 3, 2013, Bayside, California - The Brookwood covered bridge was scheduled to be replaced by a modern bridge until local residents joined together to oppose the replacement process. The Humboldt county Department of Public Works had already received a federal grant which provided 100% funding to replace the bridge. However, in a press release a local official announced that the county will "maintain the current bridge rather than replace it". The one lane bridge will require almost $400,000 to rehabilitate. The county is currently exploring options to fund the rehabilitation project.

The bridge, which residents say is part of the "cultural landscape", was built in 1967 and provides access to a small neighborhood locateed off of Jacoby Creek Road. In a 2011 Cal Trans report the bridge was assessed to be in "good to fair condition". Though the bridge has been maintained by the county, timber rotting and insect damage have taken a toll.

The following web link contains the full article including the press release from the The North Coast Journal of Humboldt County California covering the story of the Brookwood Covered Bridge:

For those of you that use social media, there is also a Facebook page dedicated to saving the Brookwood Covered Bridge:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for sharing the story - Ed.]

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