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Taftsville Covered Bridge Reconstruction Begun

WGN 45-14-12

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October 27, 2012, Taftsville VT - Hi Joe-Thursday we placed concrete for 6 of the 8 temporary support piers. We'll get the remaining two next week and start our steel support structure as well. Weather permitting 🙂. Will keep you posted on the progress and any storm related issues.

October 31, 2012 - Our Taftsville project was spared any damage from Hurricane Sandy. We heeded the forecasts and placed concrete last week ahead of the storm (Sandy).

We experienced some high water but already had our cofferdam in place, so for the most part we were working in the dry except the raindrops falling on our heads. This area escaped the high winds and torrential rains others saw, and there was no power outage. We'll gladly take these high 60's temps in trade for a bit of rain in late October.

We have started the steel work on our temporary support structure and will continue working on that for the next few weeks. Will send you a few pics soon.

Best regards,
Jim Ligon
[Supervisor, Alpine Construction.]

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