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Duo Seeks Help Preserving Herr's Mill Covered Bridge

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Lancaster, PA, July 12, 2011 - Stephanie A. Smith and Nathaniel C. Guest stand in front of the Herr's Mill covered bridge in Ronks.

Every day on his drive to and from work at the Strasburg Railroad, Nathaniel C. Guest passes the Herr's Mill covered bridge, and every day it seems a little more dilapidated. Its red painted walls have dulled, its tin roof is rusted and, in places, flaps noisily in the wind, as it sits forlornly along South Ronks Road.

"I've been watching this bridge year after year, just sort of hanging on," Guest said. "A structure like this can hang on for a long time without a lot of tender loving care, but ultimately, just like us, it's going to need some attention."

The two hope to gather backing "both financial and professional" to make the bridge, which crosses the Pequea Creek, a Lancaster County gem.

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