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Charleton Mill CB Deemed Unsafe

WGN 35-29-16

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Xenia, OH, November 28, 2011 - The Charleton Mill Road Covered Bridge will be closed rehabilitation. County engineer Robert Geyer estimates the bridge will be renovated and reopened by fall 2012.

One of only five in Greene County, it is the only one serving a "through road."

The Charleton Mill Road Covered Bridge in Xenia Twp. is a 120-foot Howe truss design bridge that crosses Massie Creek. County documents indicate the bridge was built by Henry Hebble in 1860. It is only approved for 3-ton loads.

The county's chief bridge inspector Kevin Mallow said, in part, that "the bridge has deteriorated to the point it can no longer convey traffic safely. We are currently in the design phase for this bridge to bring it up to specs for all traffic, including school buses and emergency vehicles."

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