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Information of Bridge Funding

by Jim Smedley

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July 13, 2011 - Federal Funding for the rehabilitation of covered bridges across the country was announced on June 28, 2011. This is funding from the 2010 National Historic Covered Bridge Program, not 2011.

Five Pennsylvania bridges are included in the funding: Waterford or Niemyer Road Bridge, Erie County, PA-25-04, $950,000, Forry's Mill Bridge, Lancaster County, PA-36-28, $61,600, Knecht's Bridge, Bucks County, PA-09-02, $23,000. Red Bridge, Perry County, PA-50-06, $47,800. (Pretty sure this is Red Bridge in Perry Co, but no confirmation yet.) Shriver Bridge, Greene County, PA-30-29, $500,000.

To view a couple of articles about Knecht's Bridge funding and local efforts to raise funds, go to: and to>

To see a list of all of the covered bridges in the US receiving 2010 rehabilitation funding, go to:

To see a list of all of the covered bridges in the US that have received funding since 2000, go to:

Also, for anyone interested in viewing the PDF version of the very thorough Covered Bridge Manual issued in 2005, go to:

[This Jim Smedley news item forwarded by James Crouse - Ed.]

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