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Update on Moscow bridge - April 22, 2010

WGN IN-70-07
Bridge Lifting Update

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Span # 1 is in place ready for the crane to come and pick it up. Whenever the crane arrives, it will be started that day and not wait for any press releases to anyone. As soon as I get word, I will get on the internet and send emails to everyone that I can think of. So be sure to check your emails several times a day from now on. Everyone needs to be on the west (Moscow) side and not on the east because they will be in the way. It will probably be an all day event so bring a chair. And check with the local residents before wandering on their property.

We met last night (Wed.) on the east side. It had been the understanding that when "we" were ready, the crane company would bring the crane out but the crane company is saying that they wanted 2 weeks notice. A call from the Governor's office has speeded that up. It appears that it "could" be next Wednesday (28th); however, it may depend on the weather. The river is low enough now for work to begin but any rain in the area or even up river could change this. So, I guess, pray for NO rain for at least week.

Again, if you want to come see this historic event, keep in touch with people in the area or wait for an email from me. I will try not to overlook anyone but no guarantees. And it is possible that they may arrive and begin operations before I get notified.

As for the completion date of the bridge, it will not be by festival time (June 4-5-6). More likely late June or into July. So, NO dedication services during the festival as originally planned. This will be done when it is completed and ready to be opened for traffic. But we are hoping for big crowds during the festival. It will be our last festival. And you will see a lot of completion of the bridge if you come. Span #1 should be in place with flooring, roofing, siding being put on if not already done.

I will pass on the festival events to you in a few weeks.

Larry Stout

Moscow Covered Bridge


[Our thanks to James Crouse for forwarding this story - Ed.]

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