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Panache Covered Bridge Site Cleanup Incomplete

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 - Few days ago, I took a walk to the Panache Bridge site, (61-01-21). According to my photo, no clean up has been done. I think the bridge burned to the ground when it collapsed on the ice and the renmants sank this spring. Note that pier is completely gone and the piltings burned to about 2 feet high.

Gerald Arbour

Panache Covered Bridge site - Gerald Arbour
Panache CB site 61-01-21
Photo by Gerald Arbour
July 25, 2006


[Editor's note: See Panache Bridge Burned article. Burned in May of this year, the 89-foot Abitibi-Est County, Quebec bridge was built in 1955 to span Panache Creek using Town Truss variation.]

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