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Report on Creamery, Longley, Hectorville & Hutchins Bridges

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Montgomery, Vt., December 18, 2005


I read in the latest VCBS newsletter about the money for the West Hill/Creamery Bridge. First we had heard of it but we contacted the state and they confirmed the news. Don't expect the work to begin for a couple of years but at least the money's there.

Also met with Hoyle/Tanner and State AOT just before Thanksgiving at the Hutchins Bridge. Hoyle Tanner is doing the engineering study and the State expects restoration/repair work to begin in the spring.

Hectorville Bridge is still in storage and is likely to remain so until at least next fall. Work will hopefully begin on the it's likely site near where the water treatment facility will be built next summer.

Longley Bridge took some damage recently. At least one of the cross braces has been hit. We will follow up with the State.

All for now,
Happy Holidays,
Scott Perry.

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