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Jackson's Mill Bridge Being Rebuilt, Wilson's Mill Bridge Missing

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June 12, 2003 - Hello: My wife is a covered bridge fan. However, she does not want to join any clubs. But I often visit your Vermont Covered Bridge website for news. So I thought that I would pass on some news.

My wife and I were in southwestern Pennsylvania this past weekend. Jackson's Mill Bridge in Washington County [PA-63-18] (#18 on Washington County CB guide) is being rebuilt. We were there on Monday, June 9. It looked like the whole bridge was being replaced. There was a new deck, but no roof or sides.

Also, Wilson's Mill Bridge [PA-63-28] is not there anymore (#14 on guide). There was a one-lane concrete/steel bridge there. The rest of Washington County's 21 bridges were intact and in good condition.
Tom Keating

June 13, 2003 - Mr. Keating: Thank you for your information. I am forwarding your message to our email list. If anyone out there has further info about these bridges, story and photos will be published on the website with credits.
Joe Nelson

June 13, 2003 - Joe, I can tell you about the Wilson's Mill Bridge. In October 2002 an the bridge was set on fire. The fire was put out, but the bridge was damaged. 2 weeks later another arson attempt was made on the bridge. That's when it was decided to mark the timbers and remove the bridge and put it in storage to be reconstructed at another time.

I took pictures of the Jackson Mill bridge in 1997 but I can not tell you about the status of this one. Here are pictures I took of both bridges in 1997.

Wilson Mill Covered Bridge - Photo by Dick Wilson
Wilson's Mill Bridge [36-63-28]
Photo by Dick Wilson 1997
Jackson Mill Covered Bridge - Photo by Dick Wilson
Jackson's Mill Bridge [38-63-18]
Photo by Dick Wilson 1997
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