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Whose Bridge Is It?

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"For Vacation Fun," reads ad. "We've got you covered. Covered Bridges and riverboat rides . . . " the ad continues. But wait! The Bridge depicted in the full color ad looks familiar!

The bridge in the Kentucky Tourism ad, according to Lorna Calquhoun, Manchester Union Leader correspondent, was identified by Richard Hamilton, president of White Mountain Attractions, as the Albany Bridge near Conway, New Hampshire.

Jayne McClew, director of media relations for the Kentucky Department of Travel insisted, on the contrary, it is the Goddard White Bridge in Fleming County, Kentucky!

Apparently the photo used in the Kentucky Travel ad was a stock photo taken from a CD. "I was so adamant that it was our bridge until I looked at the right picture," McClew said, conceding that the photo was indeed of New Hampshire's Albany Bridge.

The Albany Covered Bridge (WGN 29-02-06) crosses the Swift River adjacent to the Kancamagus Highway at Covered Bridge Campground near Conway, NH. The 120-foot span was built in 1858 using the Paddleford truss.

The Goddard-White Bridge (WGN 17-35-06) crosses the Sandlick Creek at Goddard, KY. The 67-foot span is the only bridge using the Town truss bridge surviving in Kentucky's Fleming County. Fleming County is home to eight of the State's 13 covered bridges. For more on Kentucky's bridges see

To keep the Kentucky Department of Travel on the straight and narrow, check out

Goddard-White Bridge Photo by Elmer Jackson
Goddard-White Bridge
Photo by Elmer Jackson
N.S.P.C.B. Archives
Albany Bridge Photo by Dick Roy
Albany Bridge
Photo by Dick Roy
N.S.P.C.B. Archives

[Our thanks to Dick Roy of the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges for clippings from the Manchester Union Leader - Ed.]

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