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Interested in a Covered Bridge Raising Party?

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June 18, 2001 - Mike Patch gave a very strong sales pitch and convincing proposal, along with John Sullivan's support. The readers digest version of Mike's proposal was to have the Town come together with volunteers, under the watchful supervision of a knowledgeable covered bridge craftsmen, and perform the labor of reconstructing the covered bridge. This would be accomplished on weekends, and moved in place as the final phase of the weekend project.

Mike's argument was for a community heritage linkage to the bridge, for community spirit revival, positive Town publicity, and not to forget possibility of $$ savings. He continued with the image of pictures being taken at different phases, with the Towns people working on the project, and posted for all future generations to see. A turn of the century "Barn raising concept for the Power House Covered Bridge". Another added touch, was to log some land the Town owns, and use the timbers from this land in the bridge, to reinforce the local contribution and linkage to the new bridge.

As I stated Mike presented a very good sales pitch for this idea, and was able to convince the skeptical Board to at least explore the idea. The main concern for the Selectboard as they looked around the room, was the 2 faces in the room aside from the Selectboard would be the only ones volunteering for this major undertaking. The Board agreed to post a notice in the paper for all persons interested in going forward with such a project, to attend our next Selectboard meeting (Monday July 16 at 7p.m.) at the Municpal office. If we have the number of volunteers that Mike feels confident we will, and the enthusiasm level to see this project proceed in this fashion, we will form a committee to organize such a project and proceed in this fashion.

If you would be interested in serving on such a committee, and/or volunteering in the Raising party, please plan to attend our next Board meeting. Hope to see you there.

Eric T. Osgood
Select Board Chair

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