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Bridgeport Covered Bridge January 2021 Progress Video

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February 28, 2021: The Bridgeport Covered Bridge restoration progress.

Herb Lindberg details the January bridge progress:

Work this month focused on

  1. All four bolster beam-bottom chord timber sections are installed in an intricate process of weaving them into the bridge end structure between the steel moment frame and staggered-step interfaces with the main-span laminated chords. The bolster beams rest on the new abutment structures at each end of the bridge, and the timber chord sections rest on them.
  2. H-bucket structures are installed at the bottom chord nodes where the the arches will cross the chords.
  3. The framed buttresses at each end of the bridge are dry-fit with mockup mortises and then installed on the bottom chord to confirm that the now modified parallelogram geometry was successfully achieved.

Click below to watch the YouTube video titled: January Bridge Progress.

For more information about the Bridgeport Covered Bridge got to: South Yuba River Park Association website.

Our thanks to Will Truax for passing this information along in The Covered Bridge Experience Facebook group.

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