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Covered bridge Preservation National Best Practices Conference

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, June 5-7, 2003 - The Best Practices, Care and Repair of Covered Bridges National Conference was held for highway engineers, covered bridge maintenance personnel, fund raisers for the preservation of covered bridges, covered bridge preservation organizations, historic preservationists, general contractors, structural engineers, covered bridge historians, and community members.

The conference was organized into two tracks featuring bridge preservation case studies, best practices in maintaining covered bridges, engineering, covered bridge history and tourism strategies.

Titles and authors of papers presented
The conference proceedings will be published in print and in on-line formats. Watch the website address given above for availability. (Text adapted from and from the conference agenda). Unfortunately this website is no longer available.

Presenter(s) Topic
Eric DeLony, Chief, Historic American Engineering Record The Value of Old Bridges
Joseph Conwill Who Built the Covered Bridges? The Social Organization of Building
Robert L. McCullough Timber Crossings
Lola Bennett From Craft to Science: Early American Wooden Covered Bridges
Ben Schafer Engineering Analysis of Covered Wooden Bridges from the HAER Summer 2002 Project
Robert H. Durfee Analyzing Covered Bridges for Live Loads
Robert H. Canham Rigorous Structural Analysis and Load Raising of Historic Town Lattice Trusses
William Collins The Tohickon Aqueduct
Mathew Reckard Smith Trusses: Bringing Covered Bridges into the Industrial Age
Anne Lynk Covered Bridges and the Tourism Economy
Jan Lewandoski In-Kind Repair of Wood Truss Highway Bridges: Strategies and Options for Keeping Them in Use
Jack Smoot Burfordville Covered Bridge Restoration: A Case Study
Craig Struble Rehabilitation of the Wawona Covered Bridge: A Balance of Engineering Requirements and Historic Preservation Ethics
Arnold Milton Graton Jr. Restoration Philosophy for Covered Bridges: Old vs. New
David J. Hoyne Cambridge Poland/Junction Covered Bridge
Leon Buckwalter The Stabilization of King's Covered Bridge
M.G. Sanders and T.L. Amburgey Wood Treating Techniques for Preserving Pieces of History
Ronald W. Anthony Condition Assessment of Timber Using Resistance Drilling and Digital Radioscopy
Samer H. Petro Preserving Historic Covered Bridges Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers
David C. Fischetti Engineering Needs of Covered Bridges
Dario Gasparini Structural Behavior and Maintenance of Prestressed Covered Bridges
Phillip C. Pierce Analyzing Those Intriguing Town Lattice Trusses
Sean T. James Historic Covered Bridge Rehabilitations - Lessons Learned
Jay Messier Rehabilitation of the Cooley Covered Bridge
Willy F. Grimmke Steps Toward Reaching a Consensus for Rehabilitating and Upgrading a 150-Year-Old Covered Bridge: A Case Study
Christopher Marston A Case Study of the HAER Summer Recording Team of 2002
Michiko Tanaka Documentation and Preservation of Covered Bridges in Lane County
Jim Barker Protecting Indiana's Covered Bridges, One Person's Approach
A presentation from the Vermont Historic Covered Bridge Committee: Susan Scribner, Warren Tripp, Nancy Boone, and Eric Gilbertson Development and Application of an Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Plan
Prof. Thomas D. Visser The Burlington Charter for Covered Bridges - a suggested statement of principles
Phillip C. Pierce The Case for Building New Covered Bridges
Robert H. Durfee Fire Protection and Fire Prevention on Covered Bridges

The conference was Sponsored by the: National Park Service, Historic Preservation Training Center; NPS Historic American Engineering Record; National Covered Bridge Research Program; Federal Highway Administration; Historic Windsor, The Preservation Education Institute; Historic Preservation Program; and the College of Arts &. Sciences, University of Vermont.

Among the many cosponsors were the American Society of Civil Engineers, History and Heritage Committee, and The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, Inc.

The Conference was the first of its kind to collect the vast array of information that exists on covered bridges by inviting all those concerned with covered bridge preservation to participate. A goal of the conference was to develop a national reference base for evaluating various treatments of historic covered bridges in ways that will maintain their historic integrity as National Register properties.

The conference was part of the National Historic Covered Bridge Program funded under Section 1224(b) of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century.